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Is It Easier To Lose Weight After Liposuction Surgery?

September 29, 2020
Liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. In many cases, these problem spots are the result of genetics, age, and other factors outside of your control. If you’re near your ideal, healthy weight and are interested in sculpting your body, liposuction is probably right for you. So, what does this mean if you fall outside the range of a healthy BMI? You may need to lose weight to be a good liposuction candidate. Reaching a lower weight will help you achieve better results and provide a higher level of safety. How Much Weight Can You Lose with Liposuction? It’s important to understand that liposuction is a body contouring procedure, not a weight… Read Full Post

What Can I Expect After My Liposuction Surgery?

September 23, 2020
Liposuction may be the ideal way to achieve your goals for your figure. It removes troublesome excess fat and refines your natural contours. But before you commit to liposuction surgery, it’s a good idea to learn what you can expect afterward. Recovery After Liposuction Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure with a relatively short recovery. While everyone’s situation is different, most people can return to work a few days after getting liposuction and resume most other activities within two weeks. In general, traditional liposuction requires the most downtime, while laser liposuction and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction require the least. This is because of the way that the fatty… Read Full Post

Breast Augmentation: Get the Facts

August 24, 2020
Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in America. 299,715 breast augmentations were performed in the U.S. in 2019. Learn more about this sought-after surgery below, including who is having the procedure and what implants are most common. Want to Know More? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation If you’re considering breast augmentation and would like more information about the procedure, call 702-369-1001 today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller welcomes patients from Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and nearby areas of Nevada.

Breast Augmentation: The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

July 31, 2020
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently published its annual breakdown of cosmetic plastic surgery trends, and breast augmentation remains in the number one spot. This won’t come as a surprise to surgeons or their patients. Breast augmentation, the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in America since 2006, is highly sought after among those seeking larger and fuller breasts. 299,715 breast enhancement procedures were performed in 2019 alone. But that’s not the only interesting statistic that the latest data reveals. Keep reading to learn more about this popular procedure. Breast Augmentation by Age Breast augmentation is a great option at nearly any stage of life.… Read Full Post

Does Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

July 09, 2020
Liposuction is a highly effective way to get rid of stubborn fat for good. It can treat virtually any part of the body, slimming and smoothing notoriously troublesome areas like the stomach, hips, and thighs. Our Las Vegas patients enjoy a lasting improvement in their figure following the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about the impressive longevity of liposuction. Permanently Remove Fat with Liposuction There are many different liposuction techniques used today, including laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. They all work by removing unwanted fat cells from the body. The fat cells that are removed are gone for good, meaning liposuction results are relatively permanent.… Read Full Post

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Reduction?

June 29, 2020
Perhaps you’ve been considering breast reduction but are wondering if you have enough time to invest in the process. This concern is understandable. Your life may involve childcare, career, fitness, social events, volunteering, vacation, and a busy schedule in general! Things will be much clearer after you’ve spoken to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller about the procedure. He takes all the time that is needed for you to discuss breast reduction and provide answers to your questions. Immediately after breast reduction. It’s normal to feel groggy as you awaken from surgery. Prior to surgery, you will have asked your spouse or another family member to bring you to the… Read Full Post

Can I Go to the Beach After My Breast Augmentation?

June 25, 2020
Women who are unhappy with their breast appearance may feel self-conscious in revealing garments such as swimsuits. Fortunately, breast augmentation addresses this concern by providing a fuller, shapelier bust that fills out bikini tops and one-pieces alike. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller has helped many women achieve renewed self-confidence through breast augmentation. He understands that you’re eager to show off your new figure. However, returning to normal activity too soon can have complications. Here are a few things that you’ll need to consider when it comes to hitting the beach after breast surgery:  Sun exposure: Being on the beach means being in the sun. As… Read Full Post

Your Guide to Traveling After Breast Augmentation

May 22, 2020
It’s common for women to undergo breast augmentation before a vacation. By enhancing your breast size and shape, the procedure helps you look your best for life’s big moments. Fortunately, traveling after surgery can be completely safe when done properly. If you have a trip planned following your breast procedure, it’s important to keep a few considerations in mind. In general, most travel is appropriate after one to two weeks. However, what makes sense for you will vary depending on factors such as your recovery progress, the duration of the trip, and the nature of your activities. Be aware that you will likely need to take precautions when traveling. Those precautions may include not… Read Full Post

How Much Fat Can Liposuction Remove?

May 14, 2020
Liposuction is a great way to slim and sculpt different areas of the body. But to ensure patient safety and minimize complications, there’s a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed in a single session. Leading guidelines set the maximum extraction limit at approximately 11 pounds of fat and fluid. This does not mean that you will lose 11 pounds during your liposuction procedure. It means that the combined fat, fluids, and blood removed during a session will not exceed 11 pounds. While liposuction is a safe and trusted surgery, there are risks that come with removing too much fat. For example, it’s possible to experience adverse cosmetic effects such as lumps or dimpling. More… Read Full Post

How Long Should I Wait to Run After Breast Augmentation?

April 16, 2020
Exercise is an important part of many people’s daily routines. Regular physical activity not only improves your health but also helps you maintain your figure. These benefits explain why many breast augmentation patients are eager to resume their normal workouts, including running, after surgery. Exercising After Breast Enhancement   It is important to give your body time to rest and heal after undergoing breast augmentation. You will not be able to perform any strenuous activities at first. Instead, focus on walking and engaging in gentle movements. This will promote a swift recovery by increasing blood flow and preventing stiffness. Early ambulation also releases endorphins, which are… Read Full Post