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What is the Fraxel Procedure?

The technology behind Fraxel Re:pair is called Fractional Deep Dermal Ablation (FDDA™). This treatment is a fractionated form of CO2 laser resurfacing. Because it works microscopically by breaking the treatment area up into pinpoint zones, Fraxel Re:pair is more conservative than traditional CO2 resurfacing but not less powerful. You will arrive for your laser treatment about an hour beforehand so that we may apply a topical numbing medication to your skin. While this takes effect, you can sit back and relax in a private area. Once the medication has reached its effect, the provider will cleanse your skin and commence by applying laser energy, zone by zone, across the treatment area. As energy permeates the dermis and resurfaces the epidermis, you will feel a stinging, tingling sensation. The sensation is typically described as odd or uncomfortable, not painful. It resolves relatively quickly and may be replaced with a general sensation of warmth in the deeper layers of the skin.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Fraxel Procedure?

Fraxel Re:pair is one of the popular laser procedures performed today. It’s popular because it produces dramatic results in one session with little downtime. Whether you are interested in correcting cosmetic concerns like sun damage, fine lines, thinning or loosening skin or you want to prevent the early onset of these concerns, you may be an excellent candidate for Fraxel Re:pair. This treatment is routinely performed on adults of all ages with specific cosmetic goals or for general resurfacing to support aging skin.

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What are the Benefits of Fraxel® Treatment?

Make a preemptive strike against a facelift. With Fraxel re:pair™ treatment, you not only get dramatic results without the risks and complications of going under the knife. You can also prevent the need to ever consider a facelift. That’s because Fraxel repair™ treatment tightens the skin, actually defending against the loose, saggy skin that typically comes with age. So you can remove years from your appearance – and keep them off.

Fraxel re:pair™ treatment uses points of light to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of your skin. The treatment penetrates deep into the skin

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How Long Does the Treatment Take?

A Fraxel Re:pair treatment can take 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. The majority of the time spent at the office is sitting with the numbing medication on the skin prior to the laser procedure.

How Long Will the Results of Fraxel Last?

The results of Fraxel Re:pair have been observed for up to five years. Improvements are not permanent because the skin is in a continual state of aging and degradation. You may support prolonged improvements by avoiding unnecessary sun exposure, wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and using clinical-grade skincare products on a daily basis. Touch-up treatments can be scheduled every few years to provide a continued boost in collagen production as needed.

What is the Recovery and Aftercare for the Fraxel Treatment?

The results of Fraxel Re:pair are comparable to traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, but the recovery period is not. After Fraxel Re:pair, you can expect changes in your skin to develop over seven to 10 days. Initially, your skin may look red and inflamed, like a moderate sunburn. Some crusting may also develop. These are indications that re:pairs are occurring in the deep tissue. While recovery time can vary, we generally advise patients to schedule five to seven days off of work and normal activities. Even after the tissue has healed, there is a slight chance that minor redness may persist for another week or two. This is usually very subtle and may be diminished with makeup.

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