Is Fall the Best Time of Year for Your Tummy Tuck?

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October 2, 2023

Tummy tuck Las Vegas

Tummy tuck can give you a smoother, tighter midsection, eliminating loose skin and stubborn fat pockets. This body procedure is an invasive surgery that requires time off work and six weeks or more of activity limitations. Most patients want to schedule their tummy tuck for the time of year when healing might be easier and more inconspicuous. Fall is often considered the ideal time to have plastic surgery, and our board-certified plastic surgeon explains why.

1. Kids are Back in School

Many tummy tuck patients have children, and scheduling their procedure for the fall means they won’t have to worry about watching their kids during the day. This gives parents who want to improve their figure with abdominoplasty the ability to rest on the couch, take naps, and move around less while their children learn at school.

2. Cooler Weather Offers Many Benefits for Tummy Tuck Recovery

The cooler months in Nevada are more comfortable for tummy tuck recovery. You’re likely wearing clothing that covers more of your body and fits loosely. Sweater weather makes hiding incision lines, compression garments, and surgical drains possible. The thicker clothing conceals bulky recovery garments that lightweight spring and summer wardrobes couldn’t cover.

Colder weather also helps your body stay cool, which reduces swelling from tummy tuck surgery. Patients don’t want to deal with the sweltering heat during Las Vegas summers while wearing compression garments. The heat exacerbates post-surgical swelling and is uncomfortable.

3. More Time Spent Indoors

People tend to head indoors during the fall months. There are fewer social gatherings, which makes it easier to recover from surgery. Patients who have a fear of missing out on fun activities and events in Vegas can recover with less stress. More time inside your home helps your incisions heal because sun exposure can affect how the incision lines heal after tummy tuck surgery.

4. Plenty of Time to Recover Before Summer

It can take nearly a year for your body to adjust to the changes after abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck in the fall gives you ample time to heal and for incision lines to fade and become less prominent. You can enjoy stunning results next summer without worrying about pushing yourself too early. On the other hand, scheduling your procedure in the spring may affect your summer fun because tummy tuck recovery takes about six weeks, and swelling may take several months to go away completely.

5. Tummy Tuck in the Fall Lets You Enjoy the Holidays

Having tummy tuck surgery in the early fall gives you time to get through the more challenging parts of recovery before the holiday season. You can heal enough to join your family and friends for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Although, some patients prefer tummy tuck over the winter holiday to use less of their vacation time.

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