Breast Implant Removal

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If your breast augmentation is no longer producing results you find desirable, breast implant removal may be something to consider. With this procedure, Dr. Stephen Miller simply removes the breast implants that were placed during your previous breast enlargement procedure, restoring your breasts to their natural shape and size.

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Infographic Detailing Common Reasons for Breast Implant Removal for Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller

What Is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal, also known as explantation, is the process of surgically removing a breast implant from the chest wall. This procedure can be done to treat complications from a breast augmentation, such as scarring, pain, infection, visible rippling, capsular contracture, hardening of tissue around the implant, and changes in sensation. Breast implant removal may also be done for cosmetic reasons, if desired.

How Long Does It Take To Recover After a Breast Implant Removal?

Recovery after a breast implant removal typically takes four to six weeks, depending on individual factors such as the age and health of the patient and the size of the implants removed. During this time, there will be some discomfort associated with swelling, bruising, and tightness at the incision site that can persist for several days or weeks. Generally speaking, most patients who have their procedure performed with Dr. Stephen M. Miller of Las Vegas, NV, are able to resume normal activities within one to two weeks after surgery with minimal restrictions.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Breast Implant Removal?

Although rare, there are certain risks associated with any surgical procedure, including infection, bleeding, and scarring at the incision site. These risks are typically minimized when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Stephen M. Miller, who has taken appropriate precautions when performing the procedure. Additionally, due to nerve damage that can occur during breast implant removal, some patients may experience numbness in their chest or breasts.

What Type of Anesthesia Should I Expect During My Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Typically, general anesthesia is used during breast implant removal surgeries so that you remain asleep throughout the entire procedure. However, certain types of local anesthesia, such as topical numbing agents, may also be used in addition or instead, depending on individual patients’ needs and our doctor’s recommendations. Regardless, it is critical that patients disclose all medications they are presently taking, including non-prescription drugs, before undergoing any kind of surgical procedure in order for Dr. Stephen M. Miller to ensure safe outcomes and reduce potential risks and complications.

Is It Possible for My Breasts Not Look Natural After My Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

It is possible for breasts to not look natural after the breast implant removal surgery due to various factors. These may include:

  • Skin laxity due to age or weight loss
  • Asymmetrical healing
  • Scarring from previous surgeries
  • Presence of physical deformities, including tuberous breasts
  • Changes in sensation due to nerve damage

However, many Las Vegas women who have undergone this procedure still achieve satisfactory results without major aesthetic issues. The above possibilities should be discussed at length between you and Dr. Stephen M. Miller prior to beginning any surgical processes to ensure realistic expectations and the desired outcomes.

Will I Need Additional Surgeries Afterwards if I Choose Have My Breast Implants Removed?

It depends. If Dr. Stephen M. Miller suspects that there could potentially be extenuating circumstances present related specifically to how successful the breast implant removal operation is, he may order additional tests or procedures before or after the operation to provide the best possible results. Our team encourages you to speak candidly and openly about any potential concerns you may have, as well as any questions about the procedure itself when performed at our Las Vegas, NV, area office.

Reasons to have Breast Implant Removal

There may be several reasons a woman chooses to have her breast implants removed. Some of the most common include:

  • Implant Rupture. Both saline and silicone breast implants can rupture. Saline implants will deflate quickly, but silicone implants may leak slowly, gradually producing an asymmetrical appearance. Gummy bear (form stable) breast implants do not leak when ruptured.
  • Capsular Contracture. When a breast implant is placed, the body forms a soft but protective capsule around it. In some women, this capsule contracts, causing a tightening and hardening of tissue that can result in pain, impact symmetry, and cause unnaturally high breast positioning.
  • Discomfort. Neck, back, and shoulder pain can be caused by breast implants that are too large or heavy. This can also lead to postural problems, interfere with physical ability, and result in chronic discomfort.
  • Aesthetics. When breast size and shape no longer meet your needs or desires, removing breast implants can restore a natural aesthetic to your chest. Implants can also be adjusted or replaced to alter aesthetics.

The truth is, your reasons for wanting to have breast implants removed are yours alone and, just like breast enlargement, should be a decision based on your emotional wants and physical needs.

Implant Removal Before and After

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The Best Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

The best candidates for breast implant removal are nonsmokers who are in generally good health and have maintained a stable weight for at least six months. During your consultation, Dr. Miller will assess your candidacy for breast implant removal, discuss procedural steps and recovery, and help you decide if it is a good fit for your needs.

Unlike recovery from breast augmentation, implant removal requires only about two weeks for recovery. Postoperative discomfort is rare and normal activities can be resumed quickly following this procedure, though more strenuous and demanding exercises may need to be put off for four to six weeks. Dr. Miller will cover this in greater detail during your time in our care.

Breast Lift Following Implant Removal

One of the downsides of removing breast implants is the potential for loose skin and sagging breast tissue. Without the implants to provide volume and upper pole perkiness, your breasts may appear flatter, droopier, and less defined.

Some women have found that breast lift surgery following implant removal allows for ideal contours to be retained and assists in keeping the breasts symmetrical and firm. Combining breast surgeries is neither necessary nor appropriate in every situation, but remains an option for women who may face unintended aesthetic consequences following breast implant removal. This is something that can be discussed, as needed, during your initial consultation.


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