Should I Get New Breast Implants?

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February 10, 2020

Breast implants are used in the majority of breast augmentation procedures, and patients often enjoy many years of satisfaction with their results. One question that comes up quite often is how often breast implants need to be replaced. There are a few circumstances in which you need to replace your breast implants for health or safety reasons, and there is also a cosmetic factor that may lead you to seek another breast augmentation surgery.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen M. Miller, can help you achieve your ideal look through a breast revision procedure. Whether you have an issue with one of your implants, are no longer satisfied with your implants, or have another reason for seeking a revision procedure, Dr. Miller will work to understand your goals for treatment and can recommend an approach that is most beneficial to you.


A breast implant revision surgery involves removing your old implants and replacing them with new ones. The majority of breast implant revisions are elective, with the patient deciding she wants to change the appearance of her breasts for personal reasons.

In some cases, implants need to be replaced due to an issue with the implant or surrounding breast tissue. Regardless of the reason you seek a breast revision, the procedure allows you to update your look, as you can choose the size, shape, and type of implant, just as you did for your initial breast augmentation.


If you are happy with the appearance of your current implants and are not experiencing any complications, you may be able to enjoy your implants for a decade or more. However, there are several reasons why you might be considering a breast revision procedure. Some common reasons patients have this surgery include:

Poor initial results

Though breast augmentation patients have a high satisfaction rate, there is no guarantee that you will love your results. If your surgeon was inexperienced or did not clearly understand the look you wanted to achieve, you may find yourself unhappy with your appearance.

A breast implant revision can address your concerns, but keep in mind that plastic surgeons are not equal in skill, knowledge, experience, or training. Make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon you choose for your revision by researching your surgeon’s qualifications, viewing before-and-after- photos of his or her patients, and finding out if he or she is a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Body changes

Weight fluctuations and aging won’t necessarily change the size or shape of your implants but can affect how your breasts look. The natural aging process includes a loss of skin elasticity that could result in drooping. Weight gain could increase your breast size, but if followed by weight loss, could also result in sagging if the skin does not shrink back to fit your implant size. If sagging is an issue, Dr. Miller may recommend a breast lift in conjunction with your revision surgery.

Personal preference changes

Even if your surgeon delivered the natural-looking, beautiful results you expected, over time, your preferred aesthetic or priorities may change. A revision procedure allows you to update your implants and your look.

You may want to increase your breast size, or you may choose a smaller implant, so that it is easier for you to do certain physical activities. You may want to change from a round saline implant to a teardrop-shaped gummy bear implant to achieve a new look. With the many ways to customize your breast augmentation, you and Dr. Miller can find the perfect size, type, and shape of implant for you.

Implant damage

In rare cases, your implant may deflate or rupture. This is more likely to occur when your implants are older. A saline rupture is identifiable through a change in the appearance of the affected breast. Silicone ruptures do not affect the appearance of your implant, so you should have periodic imaging done to ensure the integrity of silicone implants.


Capsule contracture refers to the hardening of scar tissue around your implant. This can affect the position and shape of your breast, requiring a revision procedure.


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