Can I Go to the Beach After My Breast Augmentation?

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June 25, 2020

Women who are unhappy with their breast appearance may feel self-conscious in revealing garments such as swimsuits. Fortunately, breast augmentation addresses this concern by providing a fuller, shapelier bust that fills out bikini tops and one-pieces alike.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller has helped many women achieve renewed self-confidence through breast augmentation. He understands that you’re eager to show off your new figure. However, returning to normal activity too soon can have complications.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to consider when it comes to hitting the beach after breast surgery:

  • Sun exposure: Being on the beach means being in the sun. As discussed in a recent blog about sunbathing, sun exposure is problematic during the initial stages of recovery. The heat can worsen any post-surgical inflammation and swelling that you’re experiencing. Meanwhile, the UV rays can cause your new scars to get darker than normal.
  • Water restrictions: Your incisions need time to heal before it’s safe to submerge them. Breast augmentation patients should wait at least four to six weeks before swimming in the ocean. If you’re visiting the beach earlier in your recovery, you can cool off by putting your toes in the water. Just be careful not to get your incisions wet.
  • Beach activities: Volleyball and frisbee are popular forms of beach entertainment. However, these fun exercises are too strenuous during early recovery. It’s best to wait six to eight weeks before serving a ball or throwing a disk.
  • Breast support: Many swimsuit tops, while fun and flattering, don’t provide much breast support. It may be too soon in your recovery to put one on. Patients are generally advised to wear a compression garment or sports bra for at least four weeks following surgery.


If you’re looking to take a trip to the beach after breast augmentation, it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with Dr. Miller. He will happily provide individualized advice.

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