How Long After My Breast Augmentation Can I Sunbathe?

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Posted: April 8, 2020

Many breast augmentation patients wonder how soon after their procedure they can to sit or lie in the sun, particularly for the purpose of getting a tan. We understand that adding some color to your skin can be an important part of what you do to feel attractive and confident. However, sun exposure and surgical recovery don’t mix well.  

Problems Caused by Sun Exposure After Breast Enhancement

Woman sunbathing after breast augmentation Exposure to both the sun's heat and UV rays can hinder your body’s healing processes. The heat from the sun is problematic because it’s known to increase post-surgical inflammation, especially in the first few days of recovery. It may worsen your swelling and increase your risk of experiencing complications.

Meanwhile, exposing your incisions to the sun during the healing process will likely cause your scars to darken. We advise patients to protect their surgical scars from UV exposure for at least one year after surgery. Though breast augmentation scars are well-concealed under most swimsuits, it’s still important to use caution. Harmful rays can travel through certain types of fabric. Look for a swimsuit that has protective properties or apply sunscreen.  

For a smooth recovery and optimal results, you should completely avoid sun exposure for at least a week after surgery, and limit it moving forward. Sunbathing is not without benefits, such as helping the body make vitamin D, which can improve mood and boost the immune system. However, too much time in the sun can lead to skin damage and premature aging.

Alternatives to Sunbathing

Keep in mind that tanning beds are not considered a good alternative to sunbathing. Tanning beds can increase your risk of developing skin cancer and contribute to premature aging. If you want a healthy golden glow, look into safer options such as spray tans or tanning lotions.

Learn More About Best Practices After Breast Augmentation

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