5 Unexpected Signs That Breast Augmentation Is Right for You

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March 23, 2021

The fact that you want larger breasts is a pretty good reason to consider breast augmentation. After all, it can safely increase or restore your breast size for a look you’re sure to love. But this cosmetic surgery isn’t all about size; there are many other signs that breast augmentation is right for you.

1. You want a better-proportioned figure. If you’ve worked hard to achieve a flattering hourglass shape through diet and exercise, breast augmentation can put the finishing touch on your efforts. It improves the balance between your breasts and your hips for a more proportional body.

2. Your breasts are asymmetrical. Is one of your breasts smaller than the other? Breast augmentation may be a great way to achieve a more even breast appearance. A variety of techniques can be used to correct asymmetry, such as placing two different-sized implants.

3. You wish your clothes fit better. If you’re tired of trying on new outfits only to find that they fit great at your waist but are too big across your chest, breast augmentation might be a perfect solution. It expands your wardrobe options by helping your breasts fill out your tops.

4. You’d like a more rounded breast shape. Breast augmentation can give long and narrow breasts an aesthetically pleasing shape. You can choose from several types of implants to create a rounder, more flattering breast contour.

5. You wish your breasts looked more youthful. Breasts change over time — and that’s perfectly normal! But if you’re bothered by volume loss due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss, breast augmentation can likely give you the fullness you want. Many women choose to combine this procedure with a breast lift to improve the volume and position of their breasts.


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