3 Simple Ways to Fade Your Tummy Tuck Scar

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Posted: April 15, 2021

Las Vegas tummy tuck patientA tummy tuck works to sculpt your waistline, tighten your muscles, and flatten your abdomen. If that wasn’t enough, it can also help your clothes fit better and improve issues like urinary incontinence and low back pain. The tradeoff is that you’ll be left with a scar — but there are plenty of ways to make it look better.

1. Follow the Pre- and Post-Op Instructions

Minimizing a tummy tuck scar starts with good preparation. Make sure to follow our pre-operative instructions to the letter. That includes staying away from nicotine, a chemical that can greatly impair your ability to heal, for several weeks.

Aftercare is just as important when it comes to getting the results you want. The key is to avoid putting too much force on the incision. Avoid bending, twisting, and lifting until you are told otherwise.

2. Consider Scar Care Products and Treatments

You have a lot of options when it comes to scar care. You might try applying silicone tape to flatten the area and prevent keloids. Scar therapy creams and gels can also help. These products usually contain antioxidants and other ingredients that reduce scars and support healing.  

If you want to fade the scar even further, you can consider getting a round of laser treatments. Note that this option should generally be reserved until a year after your tummy tuck. Microneedling with or without PRP can serve as an additional way to lighten your scars.

3. Give it Time

Tummy tuck scars can be fairly noticeable for up to a year following the procedure. If you have light skin, the scar should become pink and then gradually fade into more of a white line. If you have dark skin, your scar may get more or less pigmented in the months after surgery.

Regardless, you can plan on your tummy tuck scar fading over time. Remember to be patient with yourself and have reasonable expectations. It won’t go away completely.

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Most patients find that having a tummy tuck scar is well worth the benefits of surgery. That explains why over 123,000 tummy tuck procedures are performed in the United States every year.

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