10 Causes of Sagging Breasts That May Surprise You

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July 20, 2021

Breast sagging is something that happens with age. However, age isn’t the only factor that can contribute to drooping breasts. Here are ten reasons why breast skin and tissues stretch out  — something that only breast lift surgery can fix:

  • Age: Your breasts will lose their youthful position over time due to natural changes in your hormone levels, particularly those that happen after menopause.
  • Genetics: Inherited traits like skin elasticity, tissue density, and the strength of your ligaments play a role in when — and how much — your breast will sag.
  • Gravity: Years of gravitational pull will inevitably stretch and strain the ligaments in your breasts.
  • Breast size and shape: Breasts that are large or narrow are more susceptible to sagging. Meanwhile, breasts that are small or round tend to stay perkier longer.
  • Body mass index: Breast size and body mass index (BMI) often go hand in hand. Women with a high BMI may experience earlier and more significant sagging than those with a low BMI.
  • Number of pregnancies: The size changes that your breasts undergo during pregnancy can cause sagging. Multiple pregnancies lead to more stretching.
  • Smoking: The chemicals in cigarette smoke cause collagen and elastin to break down. These fibers are the building blocks of the skin and give it strength.
  • Exercise without support: High-intensity exercises that are strenuous or extreme can put additional strain on the breast ligaments. Without proper breast support, these exercises can contribute to sagging over time.
  • Weight fluctuations: If you gain a lot of weight in a short amount of time, the skin on your breasts will stretch, and the fibers may become damaged. Even after weight loss, your skin may not snap back to its original shape.
  • Sun exposure: UV rays can age your bust if you’re a fan of low necklines. These rays damage the skin that helps hold the weight of your breasts.

All women will experience breast sagging at some point in their lives. If you’re unhappy with changes caused by age, gravity, genetics, and other factors, consider a breast lift. This plastic surgery procedure tightens and elevates sagging breasts for a perkier look.


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