Hair Transplant Surgery

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What Hair Replacement Surgery Can Do

The slow and insidious loss of hair in both men and women can change their social circles greatly. First impressions are important in today’s world, and the thinning of hair or a receding hairline can impart an older and less youthful appearance. This can cause loss of confidence in a patient, or lead then to utilize other cover up techniques, which may not be the best choice.

With the new technology now available which can transplant single and double strands of hair, a patient can regain the anterior hairline or gain greater density in their scalp which can simulate nature and avoid the “Barbie Doll Hair” that was the stigma of years gone past.

Hair Transplant Patient 1

The harvesting of follicular units, or the hair transplants are taken from a part of the scalp on the back, which is genetically destined not to fall out. This procedure is done under local anesthesia with some sedation to place the patient in a twilight sleep. Professionally trained cutters then prepare the hair transplants. Precise openings are then made by Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Miller to assure a natural orientation and appropriate density.

Typical patients can have anywhere from 500 to 1800 follicular units placed which can amount to 1000-3000 single hairs. The recovery involves some mild tightness in the donor site, which is easily controlled with oral medication. The normal progression is for the transplanted hair shaft to fall out but the transplanted hair bulb remains, and this is where the new hair will grow from.

Depending on the rate of each individual’s hair growth, a patient will see new hair start to grow in a few short weeks with full growth taking place by 6-8 months. Some individuals with advance hair loss need to have more than one session to achieve maximal results, but patients with smaller areas or women that merely need greater density, many times are satisfied after one single hair transplant session.

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