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Breast reduction surgery can do more than just minimize the size of your breasts; it can dramatically improve your quality of life. By removing excess breast tissue, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Miller can help you escape the pain, soreness and physical limitations that often accompany overly large breasts. If you have endured the negative health and self-esteem effects of exceedingly large breasts, breast reduction surgery can ease your discomfort, improve your self-confidence and allow you to enjoy new wardrobe options and recreational activities.

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Is breast reduction right for me?

beautiful blond female in a white tank top smiling against a grey backgroundOversized breasts can impact nearly every aspect of your life. Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any plastic surgery procedure. It alleviates the physical and psychological effects of oversized breasts, and can help to improve your posture, explore new fashions and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Breast reduction surgery may be an ideal solution for you if you experience the following due to the size and weight of overly large breasts:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Discomfort from bra straps digging into your skin
  • Restricted activity
  • Self-consciousness
  • Anger or embarrassment over unwanted attention

Dr. Miller understands the hardships that oversized breasts can impose on your daily life. The best way to determine if breast reduction surgery is right for you is to meet personally with Dr. Miller in a comprehensive initial consultation.

During your consultation, Dr. Miller will work to understand your specific goals and concerns, evaluate your physical condition and determine if breast reduction is right for you. There is not necessarily a perfect age to get breast reduction surgery, but you should not undergo this procedure until your breasts are fully developed.

How does the breast reduction procedure work?

During the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Miller will use a blended approach that uses liposuction and other techniques to remove excess fat and skin from the breasts. The breast is then reshaped to achieve an elegant, natural-looking appearance. Your natural frame, unique goals and the recommendation of Dr. Miller will help to determine the specifics of your procedure and expected outcome. All of these issues will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Miller.

While breast reduction scars can be extensive, Dr. Miller will take every measure to ensure your postoperative scarring is as minimal and discreet as possible. The scars may remain red for months, and will gradually fade over time. Fortunately, incisions can be placed so that you can wear even low-cut tops. Smokers tend to have a harder time with scarring.

After your breast reduction, your breasts will be smaller and lifted. It may take a few months to fully achieve your final results. Once your breasts have been surgically reduced, they will not return to their previous size.

How long does breast reduction surgery take?

Breast reduction surgery may take from 1 to several hours. The total time in surgery is determined by the details of the surgical plan. Patients may require more than a few hours for substantial reduction or ancillary procedures like breast lift. Once the procedure is planned, the surgical team can provide an estimate for how long the procedure is expected to take.

What is the breast reduction recovery process?

Every patient’s recovery from breast surgery may be slightly unique. However, surgeons generally prepare patients to set aside 2 to 6 weeks for full healing. Realistically, patients can expect to regain a fair amount of energy and strength within about a week. After that time, they may be able to return to work, provided that their job is not physically demanding. 

Activity restrictions are necessary after breast reduction. Patients are advised to arrange for assistance with many of their normal duties, such as child care, housework, cooking, and shopping. For a few days, the patient may even need a bit of help caring for themselves. In addition to avoiding heavy lifting, patients should keep their arms at a comfortable distance from the body, refraining from lifting the arms overhead.

Although activity restrictions are necessary for an optimal recovery, patients are encouraged to get outside and walk short distances each day. At first, a 10-minute walk may be all that is comfortable. This can build up to about half an hour a day as the body permits. Walking is beneficial after surgery because it promotes the circulation that helps tissues heal and it also prevents blood clots from forming in the legs. Stretching and exercise may resume after our follow-up as instructed by the doctor based on the progress of recovery. 

Are there any risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery carries minor risks associated with anesthesia. Additionally, there is a risk of one or more of the following:

  • Infection in the connective tissue of the breast
  • Slow healing of incisions or poor scarring
  • Excess fluid in the breast tissue
  • Change in the sensation of the breasts or nipples
  • Asymmetry

It should be noted that all breasts naturally have some degree of asymmetry. During breast reduction and other breast procedures, the surgeon works to achieve an optimal balance of volume and shape between the breasts. 

What Kind Of Precautions Should I Make Before My Breast Reduction?

This is major surgery, so you’ll need to do the same things you would prior to any surgery: stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, blood thinners, and most supplements for at least one week prior to your surgery. These can cause excessive bleeding and increased subsequent bruising and swelling. If you smoke, you’ll need to stop for at least two weeks prior to and two weeks after your surgery, as smoking affects your circulation, which can impede healing.

If you’re a little overweight, it’s best to lose the weight prior to this surgery with Dr. Miller, as he’ll be able to remove the appropriate amount of excess skin if you’re at your ideal weight.

You’ll probably need a couple weeks off from work, so make those preparations.

You won’t be able to lift anything more than a gallon of milk for a couple weeks. You also won’t be able to reach upward for that time. So, if you need to lighten amounts that you use and lift regularly do so. Also bring things down from shelves so that you can easily grab them without reaching up.

Prepare your recovery nest. It’s important to really rest after reduction surgery, as Dr. Miller excises a fair amount of tissue and repositions remaining tissue, so there is a good amount of tissue trauma. By laying low, you make it easy for your body to start the healing process. Make your nest ultimately comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets. You’ll need to sleep mostly on your back, so pillows can help you stay in place. Have all the entertainment you can want at your fingertips.

What will My Recovery Be Lift After Having Breast Reduction?

This procedure involves lots of tissue repositioning, and this results in bruising, swelling, and soreness. When you return home, your breasts will be fully bandaged and in a surgical bra. You’ll have to take it easy for the first one to two weeks and avoid strenuous activity for probably six weeks. You’ll need to take at least one, and more likely two, weeks off of work. One of the most important aspects of your recovery is wearing your surgical bra at first, then transitioning to a support bra, and ending with a strong sports bra. These must be worn 24 hours a day for at least one month. This can seem tedious, but it’s necessary to avoid placing any stress on your incisions. By being diligent with this your scars will stay as thin as is possible and will heal better. Dr. Miller usually needs to move the nipples with this procedure, but he makes every effort to maintain nipple sensation and breastfeeding function after breast reduction, but this is not always possible.

How Painful Is Recovery From Breast Reduction?

More than acute pain, recovery involves more soreness. This can last for 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll feel weak for a few days. You may also have a feeling of pulling and stretching in your breasts because of the firmer, tighter contour created by Dr. Miller through the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue. You’ll need your pain medication for a week, possibly longer, but after the first couple days of your recovery you’ll feel better every day.

Will My Nipples Lose Sensation?

In breast reduction, Dr. Miller usually needs to relocate the nipple/areola complex to a higher position on the breast because of the removal of excess tissue. This can affect the nerves in the nipples, and this can impact sensation. Dr. Miller makes every effort to mitigate this, and the vast majority of patients regain full sensation as their nerves adjust to the changes.

Can I Combine Breast Reduction With Other Procedures?

These are involved procedures, and that needs to be taken into consideration when exploring whether Dr. Miller can combine another procedure with your reduction. If you choose to have some liposuction on an area such as the flanks or the lower abdomen, that would be an easy extension of your breast reduction. That’s because liposuction today does not require a difficult recovery.

A mommy makeover combines a tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. Breast reduction is very similar to a breast lift, simply removing more tissue, so that is already a combination of surgeries.

During your consultation with Dr. Miller, you can discuss your options.

How Small Can I Go With Breast Reduction?

During your consultation with Dr. Miller the two of you will discuss your decreased breast size. You can opt to go as small as you’d like, but it’s a good idea to stay within proportion to the rest of your figure. Your overly large natural breasts now are out of proportion and are a burden. But bringing them into proportion will probably give you the reduction you seek for health and happiness without creating future regret that you may have opted to go too small.

Can a breast reduction be covered by insurance?

It is not unheard of for breast reduction to be covered by insurance. However, it is uncommon. While there are physical and emotional reasons for having breast reduction surgery, insurance companies still widely view the procedure as cosmetic and elective. Patients who are interested in having their breast reduction covered by insurance need to contact their carrier months before they schedule their procedure. Insurance companies typically require a lengthy paper-trail that can involve months of documentation of treatments such as physical therapy, dermatology, and more. Patients must prove that the procedure is medically necessary to resolve an underlying health problem. 

Can a Breast Reduction be covered by insurance?

While the starting cost for breast reduction is typically about $14,000.00+, you can get a more accurate estimate by calling Dr. Miller and setting up a personalized consultation in Las Vegas! You can also click here to view more prices for the various services we offer!

Will breast reduction affect my ability to breastfeed later on?

During breast reduction surgery, part of the breast that is removed may contain glandular tissue and ducts, which are responsible for producing and transporting milk to the nipple. This modification to the breasts could lessen the amount of milk that is produced in the future. Nerves that are involved in the letdown reflex that signals the brain to produce milk upon suckling from an infant may also be severed during breast reduction. Most reduction procedures leave the nipple attached throughout the procedure to decrease trauma to the nerves. In many cases, the nerves regain sensation over the year following surgery. 

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