Perks of a Fall or Winter Plastic Surgery Procedure in Las Vegas

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November 13, 2019

From breast augmentation to liposuction, to tummy tucks and facelifts, you can tighten, lift, or augment your body to refresh and enhance your look. The ideal time for cosmetic surgery will vary from patient to patient, but there are some distinct advantages to scheduling your Las Vegas plastic surgery procedure in the fall and winter months.

Board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen M. Miller is highly trained and experienced in surgical and non-surgical solutions for cosmetic body concerns. This allows him to tailor your treatment to achieve the look that you desire in the safest and most effective way possible.


While weather does not affect how your plastic surgery procedure is done, it can affect your comfort throughout your recovery.  This is especially true for Las Vegas, where summer temperatures commonly hit three digits.

Plastic surgery, like any surgery, requires some downtime and recovery. For some procedures, such as a tummy tuck, you will need to wear a compression garment to protect and support the treatment site. This extra layer can get uncomfortable quickly when temperatures are high.

Cooler temperatures also make it easier to keep your surgery discreet. Redness, swelling, and bruising are common after surgery. Many patients like the option of hats, scarves, and bulkier clothing to hide incision lines or compression garments.


For some patients, getting time off work can be tricky in the summer when everyone is vying for family vacation time.  Fall and winter holidays often come with built-in days off, which means you will not have to miss as much work and can save your personal days.

The holiday season may also make it easier to find friends or family members who can help you out in the first days after your procedure. You will have some activity restrictions, such as no heavy lifting or high impact movements. It is crucial that you follow the guidelines Dr. Miller gives in order to optimize your body’s healing process, and having a helper around the house can prevent you from over-exerting yourself.


Summer in Vegas goes hand in hand with pool parties. To avoid missing out on all the fun, it is advantageous to schedule your procedure in the fall or winter for the following reasons:

  • No swimming – Recovery involves some water restrictions, which includes no swimming or submersion in water for about a month.
  • Sun exposure – It is important to protect your incision sites from sun exposure. When you have a fall or winter procedure, your incision lines will have started to fade by summer, and you can safely apply sunscreen to prevent your scar from darkening due to sun exposure.
  • Summer body – Most plastic surgeries require several weeks away from your normal workout routine. When you have a fall or winter surgery, you will be cleared to resume all physical activities in time to tone up for swimsuit season.


You don’t have to settle for a body you don’t love. With state-of-the-art technology, years of experience, and a passion for helping patients feel and look amazing, Dr. Miller excels at delivering beautiful results for his patients.

Find out your options for enhancing your body by calling 702-369-1001 to schedule your complimentary plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Miller. We serve patients in Henderson, Summerlin, and the greater Las Vegas area.

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