How to Plan for a Smooth Breast Augmentation Recovery

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February 20, 2020

With some planning ahead, your breast augmentation recovery can be minimally disruptive to your work and home life. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen M. Miller, and his team will help you set yourself up for a restful, stress-free recovery.

We will provide personalized, detailed information on what you can expect as you heal from your procedure, allowing you to make arrangements in advance. In the meantime, here are some tips and insights on breast augmentation recovery.


Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

One key element to a smooth breast augmentation recovery is your plastic surgeon. It is important to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.

In order to become board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Miller completed rigorous training and study in cosmetic surgery. He continues to stay current with new techniques, technologies, and advancements in the field, so he can offer you the safest and most effective treatment options.

Support your Body

Proper nutrition and hydration can promote healing. You can make your recovery easier by stocking your frig and freezer with healthy and easy-to-prepare foods. You may want to have bottled water on hand to make it simple to stay hydrated.

Absolutely avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until Dr. Miller has cleared you to partake. Both of these substances interfere with your body’s ability to heal. Failing to abstain can put you at risk for complications and can prolong the healing process.

Water Restrictions

It is important not to submerge the treatment site in water for about four weeks. You will be able to take a shower within 48 hours of your procedure, but no baths, swimming, or hot tubs until Dr. Miller advises that these activities are safe.

Planning for a Smooth Recovery

When you know what to expect during your recovery, you can make arrangements in advance for:

  • Transportation – After your surgery, you will still be under some effects of the anesthesia and will have limited mobility in your upper body. Once your surgery is scheduled, arrange for someone to pick you up after your procedure.
  • Assistance around the house – Expect some discomfort, swelling, and tightness in the treatment area in the first days following your procedure. Though gentle movement is encouraged to promote healthy blood flow, you must avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting. Coordinate with a friend or loved one to help you with childcare, cleaning, and other tasks for about a week.
  • Work – You can expect to take about a week off work for jobs that are not physically demanding. Dr. Miller will monitor your healing and clear you for moderate activity after about two weeks. You still need to abstain from lifting anything heavier than about five to eight pounds and from high impact and high intensity activities.


Dr. Miller and his team will make sure you have the information you need to have an optimal recovery from your breast augmentation surgery. Your consultation with Dr. Miller is a great time to find out more about what to expect regarding the procedure, recovery, and your results. Call us at 702-369-1001 to schedule a free consultation. We serve patients in the greater Las Vegas area, including Henderson and Summerlin.

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