How Much Will It Cost To Get Liposuction on My Stomach?

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Posted: February 11, 2022

Fit woman dressed in activewear Liposuction is one of the most effective and long-lasting ways to achieve a flatter tummy. If you’re wondering how much liposuction of the stomach will cost, it depends on the type of procedure. Our practice charges $2,799 for SmartLipo and $3,900 for traditional liposuction to one area. That area could be your stomach or another body part with stubborn excess fat.

Popular Treatment Areas To Add To Stomach Liposuction

The stomach is one of the most frequently-requested treatment areas for liposuction. That’s because it can be incredibly difficult to slim your waistline through diet and exercise alone. Fat can even remain there long after you’ve reached your goal weight. Talk about frustrating!

However, many other parts of the body can be affected by unwanted pooches and bulges, too. If you’re trying to get the most comprehensive and flattering results from your stomach liposuction procedure, consider adding a few other treatment areas. Some popular options include the:

  • Love handles 
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

Each additional treatment area in a SmartLipo procedure costs $999. Meanwhile, each additional treatment area in a traditional liposuction procedure has a price of $1,200.

Take Your Results to the Next Level

Some people worry about being left with sagging skin after having stomach liposuction. Fortunately, our practice offers optional skin tightening, so that doesn’t have to be an issue!

You can add skin tightening to your liposuction procedure for $1,000 per treatment area.

Achieve Your Body Goals on a Budget 

You deserve to love the way you look. Our flexible financing options can help you pay for liposuction if you’re on a budget. We offer financing through CareCredit® and United Medical Credit. Our team will gladly work with you to find the best payment solution for your needs.

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