Breast Augmentation: The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

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July 31, 2020

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently published its annual breakdown of cosmetic plastic surgery trends, and breast augmentation remains in the number one spot. This won’t come as a surprise to surgeons or their patients. Breast augmentation, the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in America since 2006, is highly sought after among those seeking larger and fuller breasts.

299,715 breast enhancement procedures were performed in 2019 alone. But that’s not the only interesting statistic that the latest data reveals. Keep reading to learn more about this popular procedure.


Breast augmentation is a great option at nearly any stage of life. Younger patients generally undergo the procedure to achieve volume they never had, while older patients rely on it to restore fullness lost to pregnancy or age.

Here’s the age breakdown for breast augmentation surgery last year:

  • Age 13-19: 3 %
  • Age 20-29: 29%
  • Age 30-39: 37%
  • Age 40-54: 29%
  • Age 55+: 2%


Women considering breast augmentation have a variety of implant options available to them. Our practice offers saline and silicone implants to meet the needs of our diverse patients. We also offer a unique type of silicone implant, known as a gummy bear implant, that is highly cohesive.

Looking at the statistics from last year, silicone implants came out on top. Silicone implants were used in 85% of all breast augmentations in 2019, while saline implants were used in 15%.


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