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Stephen Miller MD PC FACS

Las Vegas SmartLipo

Laser Assisted Liposuction Treatment

Smart Lipo

SmartLipo uses the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery technology, which provide a safer, quicker and cost-effective method of liposuction. Pioneered in Europe, the SmartLipo procedure is the first ever laser-assisted liposuction procedure; it has quickly been labeled the most cutting edge procedure in cosmetic surgery.

SmartLipo Benefits:

  • Safer and less invasive than conventional liposuction surgeries.
  • Considerably faster recovery times.
  • Smoother and more even results.
  • Minimal discomfort

Indications for SmartLipo :

  • Localized fat deposits that will not respond to regular diet and exercise.
  • Disproportionate areas of the body due to localized fat cells.
  • Areas of the body that will not respond to traditional liposuction.

Intended Result of SmartLipo :

  • To remove localized fat deposits that will not respond to exercise or traditional weight loss techniques.
  • To improve the contour of the body by removing unwanted bulges.
  • To look and feel better in clothes and/or swim suits.
  • To improve overall appearance and self image.

SmartLipo Procedure Description:

  • A very small cannula, or tube, approximately 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter containing a laser fiber is inserted into the skin. The cannula is moved back and forth delivering the laser’s energy to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis it resulting in collagen shrinkage. Due to the cannula’s small size, Smartlipo™ is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising, – and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction.

Length of SmartLipo Procedure:

  • SmartLipo can take from one to five hours depending on the complexity of the procedure and the number of areas addressed.
  • This surgery is done on an outpatient basis. You will be able to rest following your surgery in the comfort of your own home.

SmartLipo Recovery & Aftercare:

  • Patients may experience some degree of bruising, swelling and tenderness.
  • You will be placed into a form fitting compression garment to help keep the swelling to a minimum and expedite the healing process. This garment should be worn for about six weeks following surgery.
  • Bed rest the day of surgery is recommended.
  • Limit activity for the next two days following surgery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for about four to six weeks.
  • Return to work in about one week.

Insurance Guidelines:

  • SmartLipo is deemed a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not covered by insurance.

Additional Procedures:

  • Patients who have skin laxity in their abdominal area may benefit from having an Abdominoplasty along with SmartLipo for optimal results.
  • Fat transfers/injections are an option for patients that choose to have their fat harvested and re-injected into deep facial lines or acne scars.

* Please discuss these additional options with plastic surgeon Stephen Miller.

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