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Stephen Miller MD PC FACS
Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Las Vegas, Nevada

Liposuction was the 2nd most commonly performed invasive cosmetic surgical procedures in 2017 (246,354 procedures, up 5 percent from 2016) according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

The main purpose of Liposuction – Liposculpture is re-shape and sculpt your body, not to lose weight. The best candidates for Liposuction are healthy people who are at or close to their ideal body weight with problem areas or areas of localized fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. On women the most common areas are abdomen, Waist, hips, back, knees, neck, inner, outer and posterior thighs. On men the most common areas are chest, waist, flanks (“love-handles”), abdomen and neck.

There are several different types of lipo surgery available. All of the newer types of liposculpture are really just different variations of original Standard Tumescent liposuction. Whether you add a laser or ultrasound to that, the most important choice you make is the plastic surgeon that you choose to do your surgical procedure not the device they use. The experience, skills and artistry of your surgeon are what make for a great outcome. Plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery go through prolonged specific training, examinations, and requirements for recertification to avoid complications and make cosmetic surgery safe. Many physicians who are performing invasive cosmetic plastic surgical procedures are board certified in other practices, but not by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Tumescent, Ultrasound and Laser Liposuction in Las Vegas NV

The different types of lipoplasty, whatever the brand name, fall under three categories. The categories are Tumescent, Ultrasound and Laser Liposuction.

(Suction assisted lipo, Water liposuction, Water Jet, etc.) is usually done under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes several small incisions, then places a thin, blunt cannula beneath the skin, injecting a saline solution into the fatty tissue layer. The saline solution contains a small amount of lidocaine and epinephrine to help with pain and to control bleeding and bruising. The solution causes the blood vessels to shrink and the fat to expand making it easier to remove safely. The fat is then suctioned out through another cannula.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL, Vaser, High Def, etc.) involves the same process of infiltrating the fatty tissue layer with the medicated saline solution. Once the fluid is injected a special ultrasound cannula is inserted that transmits ultrasound vibrations to break down the fat cell membranes making it easier to suction them out. The fat is then suctioned out.

Laser Liposuction (Smartlipo, Cool Lipo, Slim Lipo, etc.) follows the same general process as above for injecting the fluid. A thin laser fiber is then placed under the skin. The laser uses thermal energy to liquefy the fat cells. The liquefied fat is then suctioned out. At our plastic surgery office we specialized in Smartlipo Tri-Plex – Smart Lipo Read about smart lipo reviews, side effects, recovery and smart lipo vs traditional lipo.

Liposonix is a new technology which utilizes an external ultrasonic energy source to focus ultrasonic waves on tissues 1-2 cm below the skin surface (similar to the “lithotripter” which is used to break up kidney stones in the kidneys and ureters). By focusing the waves from several sources, the energy doesn’t damage skin and other structures at the point of origin but only at the point where all the waves converge usually 1-2 cm under the skin. There are several companies producing and marketing this type of technology and there have been a few studies which look promising for results. Some questions that remain to be answered are whether you can have precise control over the amount removed in a specific area and essentially sculpt the area like one can with other forms of liposuction. Other questions revolve around the resorption of the fat and if there is a limit that your body can safely resorb at one time. Many toxins are stored in our fatty tissues and can be released with disruption of the fat cells.

Zerona is a laser treatment but not invasive like the previously described laser liposuction. It is something more similar to Liposonix in that it focuses laser energy on the deeper fatty tissues without any incision. The drawbacks are similar to Liposonix in terms of only seeing a small improvement in contour and no control over the amount and exact area to remove the fat. Zerona requires multiple treatments as many as 6. Most surgeons who perform a multitude of techniques will tell their patients that the Liposonix and Zerona treatments do not replace the more traditional forms of invasive liposuction especially in patients who need larger volumes of fat removed or sculpting of a specific area.

Whatever type of liposuction you choose if you want positive long-term results, you’ve got to be willing to exercise and eat a healthy diet. The fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not come back, however, if the patient gains a significant amount of weight, then new fat cells can develop. With a small weight gain, existing fat cells swell by accumulating more fat within the existing cell.


YOUR FIRST 24 HOURS – You will need a friend or family member to drive you home because you have been sedated. You will also need someone to stay with you overnight. You will need to rest for the first 24 hours but we encourage you to move your legs and get up and walk around. Expect quite a bit of blood stained fluid to drain from your incisions. It may soak through your clothing. We recommend you put a plastic liner or garbage bag and towels under you to protect your furniture and bedding. Take your medications as prescribed by Dr Steven Miller – your plastic surgeon.

DAY 1-3 – Expect some swelling and bruising after surgery. Make sure that you are getting up and walking and moving your legs. Drink lots of fluids. We will see you in the medical office to change your dressings and examine you. You will need someone to drive you to this appointment if you are taking pain medication. When you get home you can shower and wash the incisions lightly with soap and water.  No baths for 6 weeks.

Day 5-14 – We will remove your sutures in 5-7 days. Please finish all of your antibiotics. Continue to wear your compressive garment.

Week 2-6 -If you have any concerns or issues during your aftercare, please call us and we will get you in if you need to be seen. Otherwise we will see you 1-2 more times until we release you to full activity at 6 weeks. It is very important to come to all of your post-operative appointments.

Instructions for the Entire 6 Weeks

Continue to avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications. No matter how good you feel you will need to limit your activity for 6 weeks. Too much activity can cause bleeding, swelling, bruising and pain. No lifting anything over 5 lbs. No exercise. No dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. No swimming pools or spas.

You will need to wear your compression garment 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. You can take it off to shower and to wash it only. We have extras available for purchase at the office. Do not tan for 6 weeks. Wear lots of sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun. The skin is healing and is likely to burn more than normal. Putting sunscreen on your scars for the first year is advised. You may buy arnica cream for post-operative swelling and bruising at a health food store. We like to re-check you at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year post op. Contact your local Plastic Surgeon today.

More Liposculpture Information

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Awesome Results

After consulting with number of Plastic Surgeons I am so happy that i went to see Dr Miller for a consultation.

I wanted to treat few areas of my body (or should i say i wanted a new body 🙂 ) After explaining to Dr Miller what i wanted - flat tummy, smaller thighs, perkier breasts, slimmer top arms, get rid of double chin etc etc we had a good discussion and he gave me his professional and caring opinion.
We decided, priority for me was liposuction on my outer and inner thighs and tummy area. It's only been a month and i am extremely happy with the results!!!

Since then i've also had botox and fillers done and Dr Miller gets 10/10 for this. I had gone to few other places previously, however none had done the job/look i wanted. Dr Miller did it PERFECT!!

The staff are all so wonderful and helpful, Kelly, Cheryl, Kendal. Kendal is taking care of my face and i am seeing great results face hasn't looked this good for ages.
I am about to have the Kybella done and i can't wait.

So so glad i went to see Dr Miller and his staff. I highly recommend them as they are THE BEST!
Thank you so much Dr Miller and everyone there.


I am so happy with my lipo results from Dr Miller. I had always struggled with my abdomen - I worked out.. I dieted .. and still after about a year .. no changes .. so I went in for a consultation and Dr Miler said I was a great candidate for lipo. Well I booked and am totally happy with my results... I plan to continue working out, watching what I eat.. and at the pool showing off my new body. Thank you so much!

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